Please Donate to My Fundraising Campaign for Buddhist Global Relief’s Walk to Feed the Hungry in Santa Monica

Last week, I posted about my recent Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly Online interview with my friend Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi — the well-known and prodigious translator of Pali Buddhist texts into English, and founder of Buddhist Global Relief, the visionary, Buddhist-inspired humanitarian organization that contributes to relief and justice efforts worldwide. For that interview, we discussed BGR’s 2012 Walk to Feed the Hungry fundraising events.

I went on to mention in the post that Bhante had emailed BGR supporters to say that donations had only gotten halfway to the goal as the walks were beginning. Since I’m moved tremendously by BGR and Bhante’s work (as well as this news), I’m getting actively involved with the Walks to Feed the Hungry this time around. I’ll be walking in Santa Monica. For my walk, I’d like to try to raise $1,000. I’m already 20% of the way, and every little bit helps. I hope you’ll consider donating at my fundraising website, which is here.

The walk is this Saturday, so please donate right away if you’re interested. Thank you!

I’ll also be volunteering at the event, so, if you’re participating, please find me and say hello. (I’ll probably be wearing an orange vest.)

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