Robert Thurman vs. Grover Norquist’s Congressional Pledges

Well, here’s something you don’t see every day! (Though we certainly need more Buddhist leaders doing things like this, so I say that delightedly.)

I’m not sure if it will really take hold as an internet meme at 11 minutes minus the snappy presentation of similarly lengthy memes like “Kony 2012″, but who knows? The message is important, and I commend “Buddha Bob” on this. Now let’s see more Buddhist activism of this sort!

YouTube Preview Image

[UPDATE: I just noticed that my pal Justin Whitaker blogged about this as well, with more information -- at his Patheos blog, American Buddhist Perspective. Check it out.]

  • Justin Whitaker

    Hia Danny – many thanks for the link. I agree this won’t quite reach Kony 2012 numbers, but he got us to blog about it, so that’s a good start :) I see he’s up to 6000 hits now. Not too shabby…