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Robert Thurman Does It Again…

Not long ago, I brought you news about Robert Thurman's attempt at an "internet meme" -- a video about Grover Norquist's Congressional pledges. At 11 minutes and minus the snappy presentation of similarly lengthy memes like “Kony 2012″, I expressed skepticism about the chances of "Buddha Bob's" video assuming meme proportions. But he gets the last laugh, I think: the video is currently at 29,161 views and growing!Not only that: Buddha Bob is at it again! He's just uploaded a new video, this o … [Read more...]

My Five Favorite Dharma Books of 2012

Continuing the end-of-the-year lists, here are five of my favorite dharma books from 2012. (Unlike my list of five favorite films from 2012, I haven't ranked these -- they're just listed alphabetically.) I really want to know what yours are, and I hope you’ll share them with us in the comments of this post.  *     *     * * Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World by His Holiness the Dalai LamaThis one's kind of a cheat -- but only kind of: the book first appeared in mid-December 2011, but … [Read more...]

My Five Favorite Films of 2012

If you asked me, it was a good year for films with a social conscience. In the spirit of end-of-the-year lists, here are five of my favorites from 2012. I hope you'll share yours with us in the comments too. *     *     * 1. Lincoln, dir. Steven SpielbergI'm of the opinion that Lincoln is Steven Spielberg's best film, and that sends it right to the top of any year's list. Sure, the screenwriter, Tony Kushner, is a friend of my family's, but I'd think this highly of the film even if I didn … [Read more...]

My First Climate Reality Presentation Gets Written Up in Cerritos College’s Talon Marks

Talon Marks -- the student newspaper of Cerritos College -- did a nice little write-up about my very first Climate Reality presentation, which I did on their campus back in November. You can read the article here.As I've previously mentioned in a post for this blog, I am a trained and certified Climate Leader with Former Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps. As a certified Climate Leader, I’m charged to go forth and present on climate change to various groups and communi … [Read more...]

Bill Moyers: “Remember the Victims, Reject the Violence”

A must-watch... … [Read more...]

After Newtown, Demand a Plan…

DEMAND A PLAN. … [Read more...]

“Too Many Times…”

What I said this summer still applies on this saddest of sad days. We know what happens next: more tragedies like the one today. They’re inevitable with relatively unfettered access to deadly weapons and a rapidly deteriorating safety net for those who need treatment for mental illnesses.Will we be able to stop terrible attacks like these all together? No. Could we stop the frequency of them with greater attention and resources given to mental health care? I should think so. Could we keep c … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW: Pamela Ayo Yetunde, Creator of the Dharma Care Website

My friend Pamela Ayo Yetunde is the creator of the Dharma Care website, which she describes as both "a resource for Buddhist pastoral counseling" and "a myth-buster" (more on both later).Ayo has served as a volunteer with Zen Hospice Project, Pathways Home Care and Hospice, and other locations, and she completed Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center (all in the San Francisco Bay Area). Ayo holds a certificate in Buddhist chaplaincy from the Sati Center for … [Read more...]