Robert Thurman Does It Again…

Not long ago, I brought you news about Robert Thurman’s attempt at an “internet meme” — a video about Grover Norquist’s Congressional pledges. At 11 minutes and minus the snappy presentation of similarly lengthy memes like “Kony 2012″, I expressed skepticism about the chances of “Buddha Bob’s” video assuming meme proportions. But he gets the last laugh, I think: the video is currently at 29,161 views and growing!

Not only that: Buddha Bob is at it again! He’s just uploaded a new video, this one addressed to President Obama and about the proposed cuts to Social Security. Do take a look. And please keep them coming, Dr. Thurman!

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Michael JN

    I agree completely! He shows an excellent grasp of recent (last 30 years) fiscal-g0vernmental history!
    I read at another site herein Patheos, of a lady posting last Oct. 17th, why as a Christian, she votes Democratic, instead of the partially-assumed, semi- universal belief that Christians vote Republican. I agreed also with everything she said.
    But I was absolutely amazed at the opposing comments! Without going into their details specifically, as it would be a waste of time, and not my purpose here, I have to wonder why some were so vehemently adamant about their opposition! Almost like their arguing against the rightfulness of a judge deciding to take their lives away, figuratively and in some cases, almost literally! Many of the most seemingly reasonable opposing comments used accurate tidbits of information in amazingly inaccurate ways, ignoring, and more likely not knowing of the accurate, LARGER context of their factoids . Additionally, the rudeness of many of them reminded me of the multitudes in Asia, Middle East, Africa, and other clash, strife- filled areas risking their lives fighting with others; each of whom stopped being reasonable and open-mined, unwilling and unable to listen to other points of view, and devolving into life or death struggles, which, if folks would be calm and listen and fact check their ideas and beliefs, would find a workable solution to their areas of disagreement; without the bloodshed and emotional damages, or worse kinds of damage. Screaming Tidbits of Factoids at others, without one having done their homework as to if the factoid is worthy of their adoption and subsequent promotion, seems to me to be branding oneself as a fool, and having others see their self made FOOL SIGN hung around their necks, proudly displayed for all to see. ONE SHOULD CHECK THE BACK CONTEXT OF PERSONAL BELIEFS THEY TAKE. BUT, SADLY, THAT WILL LIKELY CONFLICT WITH ALL THEY HEARD GROWING UP, FROM PEOPLE THEY RESPECTED AND LOVED. SADDER STILL ARE THE Fathers, Mothers, and relatives who roll thru their lives with a love of accurate facts and more importantly, the ability and willingness of being able to give their quality outlooks to their young. I am saddened there are so many people unworthy of being listened to!