A Call for Academic Papers on Buddhism and Social Justice…

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A NWO-funded Research Project

Call for Papers

A Conference on Buddhism and Social Justice
23-25 April 2014, Leiden University

Moving away from a common perception of Buddhism as intrinsically a tradition of peace and justice, our project—based at Leiden University—seeks to explore the various ways in which historically Buddhist societies have shaped, transmitted, and adapted Buddhist ideas and ideals about equality, fairness, and freedom. We are further interested in how (if at all) such societies have instantiated these ideas and ideals.

The intent of the conference “Buddhism and Social Justice” is to gather scholars to discuss Classical and modern Buddhist notions of justice and their real world reflexes. We will be most centrally concerned with Buddhist visions—implicit or explicit—of ideal (just) societies and the role of human action, as these appear, for instance, in the realms of freedom and its constraints, social hierarchy and mobility, economic opportunity, and power and self-determination.

The full text of the initial proposal upon which our project was based, and other information about our research team, and the conference itself, can be consulted on this website.

This Call for Papers invites scholars interested in these issues from a descriptive, rather than prescriptive, point of view to come together and share their expertise, findings and questions. Papers dealing with any region within Asia and any time period are welcome.

Applicants are requested to forward to conference@buddhismandsocialjustice.com the following information BEFORE 15 August 2013:

* A title and abstract of approximately 300 words, describing the scope of your contribution and its sources.
* A short CV

Applications will be reviewed by 1 October 2013 and successful applicants notified immediately thereafter.

For more information, visit www.buddhismandsocialjustice.com.

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