How “the Mindfulness Movement Uses Buddhism to Prop Up the White-Supremacist-Capitalist-Cishet Patriarchy”

Graphic assembled by Tricycle: The Buddhist Review.

Yesterday, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review posted on their Facebook page these two TIME Magazine covers (one from this week, one from more than a decade ago) side-by-side with this caption:

Ah, to be white, blonde, mindful, and frozen in TIME.

Meditation and mindful TIME covers from 2003 & 2014.

Looking at the two covers, and considering the more-than-ten-year-span between them, I don’t think I can put it better than my friend Joshua Eaton:

When I say the mindfulness movement uses Buddhism to prop up the white supremacist capitalist cishet patriarchy, this is what I’m talking about! So many props to Tricycle: The Buddhist Review [who posted the above], Buddhist Peace Fellowship, and Mushim Patricia Ikeda [who both spread it on Facebook] for putting this foolishness on blast.

And lest you think that TIME using only skinny/white/blond/cis representatives is limited to just their coverage of the mindfulness movement, shall I remind you who graced their cover when their main feature was Buddhism?…

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