Roshi Joan Halifax Talks “Sexism, Mindfulness, Ethics, and Grief” with Elephant Journal’s Waylon Lewis

(L-R) Roshi Joan Halifax and Waylon Lewis

Waylon Lewis offers another fun conversation through Elephant Journal, this one with our friend Roshi Joan Halifax — one of the modern engaged Buddhist movement’s great heroines. A Zen priest, anthropologist, shaman, activist, and author, Roshi is also the founder, abbot, and head teacher at Upaya Zen Center, a Buddhist monastery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Elephant Journal describes the full Google Hangout this way:

Mindfulness meditation gets used by the military, Silicon Valley, and Wall St. to do their jobs better. Lost in the shuffle, perhaps, is ethics: the Buddhist path of being of benefit. Also in this discussion: sexism and women in Buddhism, and dealing with grief and loss of a loved one.

You can watch it all below…

YouTube Preview Image

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