Sign an ACLU Petition on Behalf of Sixth Grade Buddhist Who Was Victim of Religious Discrimination at Louisiana School

Image via ACLU

Almost two weeks ago, I told you about the lawsuit filed by the ACLU alleging that an anonymous sixth grade Buddhist in Louisiana known only as “C.C.” who was told that his or her religion was “stupid,” and that he or she should transfer to a school with “more Asians.”

The ACLU has now posted a petition to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder at their action center that you can sign to help the young pupil, his family, and the case. It includes a personal statement from the parents, Scott and Sharon Lane, and the text of the petition itself reads:

Attorney General Eric Holder:

No child should be the victim of religious discrimination in our nation’s schools. Please launch an immediate investigation into unlawful religious discrimination in Sabine Parish public schools.

You can sign it right here.

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