Be Sure to Watch Religion & Ethics Newsweekly‘s Report on Buddhist Violence in Burma

Religion & Ethics Newsweekly on PBS had a truly outstanding report this past week on the violence by Buddhist mobs in Burma against the Rohingya Muslim minority there. I’ve been posting and working a lot on this issue, and, whether you’ve been tracking this story or not, there’s a lot here for you; it makes for both an excellent introduction to the situation, and a powerful record of what some of us already know. In short, don’t miss this — this is the kind of journalism that anyone and everyone can benefit from.

Here’s the segment description:

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, continues to experience the violent persecution of its minority population of Rohingya Muslims. Muslims are being attacked by mobs of extremist Buddhist factions, despite Buddhist principles of nonviolence. “They refer to the Rohingya as subhuman, but beyond that they actually believe the Rohingya are subhuman,” says Matthew Smith, executive director of Fortify Rights, an independent organization to protect and defend human rights, “and I think this is one of the things that make them particularly dangerous.”

Watch the whole report here.

"Muito bom o artigo esclareceu muitas dúvidas. Recomendo o Modelo de Habeas Corpus"

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