Thai Media Releases Previously Withheld Interview with Monk Who Says, “Gay People Can Make Good Monks Too”

Venerable Tanaisawan George Chandha-Dhammo

LGBT Weekly has the story:

A Thai Buddhist monk who is gay and a former cross-dresser has gone on public television to say there is nothing wrong with gay people becoming Buddhist monks, causing much controversy in Thailand where Buddhism is the primary religion and has special status, reports

“I am who I am, and I’m not going to pretend just to fit in,”  Venerable Tanaisawan George Chandha-dhammo, 28, told Woody Talk, the popular MCOT talk show. “Gay people can make good monks too,” the Buddhist monk said.

His interview had led Thai censors to stop that segment of the popular television talk show from broadcasting that interview last month. However it was finally allowed to air on television recently, announced

The popular MCOT talk show host had revealed on Facebook that they had to postpone its “Gay Monk” interview segment because censors had objected.

You can read the rest here, and watch the episode in five parts (in Thai) below.

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