David McMahan and Tricycle‘s Linda Heuman Talk Buddhism and Science on This Week’s Interfaith Voices Podcast

A big hat-tip to Tricycle: The Buddhist Review for this one:

Buddhist scholar David McMahan and Tricycle contributing editor Linda Heuman are guests on the newest episode of Interfaith Voices, the nation’s leading public radio show on religion and spirituality, to speak about the longstanding dialogue between Buddhism and science.

You can listen to the episode — which explores both both the “roots [of Buddhism's relationship with science], and its potential problems for modern Buddhism” – here.

  • Kevin Knox

    It’s 10 minutes long so over just as it gets started and no substance, sad to say. Really a disservice to these two fine authors. Fortunately both can be read at length in Tricycle and of course McMahan’s book is excellent, but this radio snippet is a teaser at best.