Watch the Entire 1st Annual Symposium for New Scholar-Practitioners in Buddhist Chaplaincy Online


Over at Dharma Cowgirl, Monica Sanford — former student and current pal — blogs about the recent symposium she put together at University of the West this past semester. In addition, she has video of the entire event (courtesy of student photographer Jascha Ephraim and Glenn Dunki-Jacobs in UWest’s Extended Studies Department). She writes:

Last semester I conducted a research study with interview subjects from among the UWest chaplaincy student and alumni cohort, with a promise to present the results on campus this spring. While conducting the study, I was also powerfully impressed by the work of my colleagues and classmates in the field. Therefore, with their help, we organized the 1st Annual Symposium for New Scholar-Practitioners in Buddhist Chaplaincy around the theme ‘Frontiers in Buddhist Chaplaincy.’ A grand name for a rather small gathering of chaplains and chaplaincy students, mostly Buddhist, that happened at University of the West on April 28, 2014. I chose the name with the aspiration that it be the first, but not the only, such gathering because I believe my friends and colleagues have a great deal of wisdom to share, wisdom that will  only grow. Below are the outcomes of this effort in the form of five videos.

Read more and watch all the videos here!

As Monica says, there’s lots of wisdom here. In particular, our friend Holly Hisamoto’s talk “A Hospital Sadhana: Chaplaincy as Buddhist Practice” is absolutely brilliant — my new go-to when people ask me “What is Buddhist chaplaincy all about anyway?”

"Muito bom o artigo esclareceu muitas dúvidas. Recomendo o Modelo de Habeas Corpus"

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