Fake Twitter Accounts Spread Pro-Chinese Propaganda as the Central Tibetan Administration Unveils New Middle Way Awareness Campaign

“One of the fake Twitter accounts used to spread the Chinese line on Tibet.” Image via www.freetibet.org.

This via Shambhala Sun Space:

“Tom Hugo seems to be well-versed in Chinese, and he evidently cares deeply about the Tibetan people,” writes Andrew Jacobs in his excellent piece from Monday’s New York Times. “There’s only one problem with Tom Hugo’s Twitter account.” You’ve probably already guessed what it is.

As Jacobs goes on to explain, “Tom Hugo” is just one of a sea of people who are enthusing about all things Tibetan — when they shouldn’t be. Read the full story here.

Tuesday update, also from the Times:  “Just hours after The New York Times posted an article about bogus Twitter accounts dedicated to spreading pro-China propaganda — and a Tibetan advocacy group demanded that the company take action  — Twitter appears to have hit the kill switch on a score of the suspect accounts.” More here.

In addition, Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly Online notes that the Central Tibetan Administration this week unveiled “a campaign to raise awareness of the Dalai Lama’s Middle Way Approach, or Umaylam, which aims to peacefully resolve the issue of Tibet’s relationship to China.” Read their coverage of the campaign here.

"Muito bom o artigo esclareceu muitas dúvidas. Recomendo o Modelo de Habeas Corpus"

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