Out of the Ashes (of Herculaneum)

Here’s an announcement that some will find of interest:

“The Maxwell Institute invites you to see and hear Roger Macfarlane, an associate professor in the BYU Department of Humanities, Classics, and Comparative Literature, in a live streaming broadcast on The Julia Currey Show, Monday, February 20, at 12 noon Utah time. The show may be found at www.JuliaNow.com.

“Roger and Julia will discuss the fascinating work that he and others have done in discovering and preserving ancient scrolls from Herculaneum, one of the cities covered by the ash of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79.  This is a project that began with the Maxwell Institute, but that has now been spun off as an independent academic enterprise.

“This show will be available around the world via computer and smartphone at: www.JuliaNow.com.

“The show starts at noon sharp. Be sure to set a reminder for Monday, February 20, at noon Utah time.

“The show will also be archived for viewing any time after the original broadcast by clicking on ‘Past Shows.'”

I myself did an interview with Julia Currey a week or two ago.  It’s a very simple format, nothing even remotely elaborate.  And very few people know about this show.  But I’m encouraging folks associated with the Maxwell Institute to go on with Julia; it’s an easy way for us to get some of the news out about what we’re doing and what’s happening.  The studio where the show is recorded is only a few blocks from the Maxwell Institute’s offices, and interviews can be done during a lunch break.  Yet, while the current audience is tiny, the potential audience is huge.

My little interview is still available on line here.


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