For Romney Backers, regarding “Super Tuesday”

I just received this from Rich Beeson, the Political Director at Romney campaign headquarters:

“Over the last few weeks, supporters like you have been building momentum and working hard to turn out the vote for Mitt in important states like Michigan, Arizona, and Washington.

“Tomorrow, 10 states will be voting and voter turnout will be vital in continuing that momentum and securing more delegates for Mitt.

“Help us keep it going by reminding our supporters to head to the polls and vote. Sign up for a volunteer shift and help us make 100,000 phone calls by the time the polls close tomorrow.

“Sign up now to help us reach our goal:;_source=et&utm;_content=text_body_utah-office-get-out-vote-shift-sign&utm;_campaign=961206_185985_Rich%20Beeson

“Everything you need to make calls will be taken care of at our Orem office, which is located at 1120 S 1350 W Orem, UT 84058 in the Wolverine Crossing complex.

“This is your time; this is our moment. Help us reach our goal of making 100,000 phone calls by the time polls close tomorrow — pledge to make calls today.”

Back to me:

There are also ways that you can make calls from home, using your home computer. You can probably find information about the possibility somewhere on the official Romney website.

Governor Romney, who had been trailing badly in Ohio a week or two ago, is now tied with Rick Santorum, and is even ahead in some polls.  Even in Tennessee, which is a long shot for him, he’s pulled to within a few percentage points.  He has momentum, and additional relatively small efforts could deliver him the victory.  If he takes Ohio, and especially if he were also to take Tennessee, that could effectively end this interminable and damaging Republican primary campaign.  If the campaign goes on, however, it drains money that will be badly needed against Barack Obama in the general election and risks badly wounding the eventual Republican nominee.  It’s time to end this.

As I’ve said before, I’ve done this sort of calling on at least two occasions at the Romney Utah HQ.  It’s quite easy.

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