Of Allah and Senator Santorum’s Pastor Friend, Or, Ignorance Militant

Senator Santorum is distancing himself from yet another pastor’s controversial remarks.

Unfortunately, though, it does begin to seem that people holding such sentiments constitute a substantial portion of his base.

Incidentally, no orthodox Muslim worships Muhammad.  Muhammad, in Islamic belief, is a very great prophet, but he’s certainly not divine.

And if Pastor Terry is correct in saying that we Real AmericansTM don’t worship Allah, then we’re in very serious trouble — which translating that claim into Arabic should make completely obvious:  La na‘budu Allah would be rendered in English as “We don’t worship God.”

To me at least, that would mean that we were in a pretty dangerous condition.

Allah is simply the Arabic equivalent of the English word God.  It’s the word used in the Arabic version of Genesis 1:1 (“In the beginning, Allah created the heavens and the earth”) and the word used in the Arabic version of John 1:1 (“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Allah, and the Word was Allah”).  It’s not peculiar to Muslims, but is also the term used by all Arabic-speaking Jews and Christians.  And, by any reasonable definition of the English language, there have been Arabic-speaking Christians for many centuries more than there have been English-speaking ones.

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