Muslims View the Qur’an as Purely Divine

An attempt to explain at least one factor that has played into the recent, and very unpleasant, headlines from Afghanistan: course, the subject is much bigger than just deadly political nonsense.There are, incidentally, some absolutely beautiful copies of the Qur’an in the Beauty and Belief exhibit currently at the Brigham Young University Museum of Art.The exhibit is open to the public, and f … [Read more...]

Black Clergy Group to Demand Romney Renounce Mormonism

Sigh. yet more ugliness as this race continues. … [Read more...]

Live Streaming Broadcast on Monday

I'll be participating in a live streaming broadcast on The Julia Currey Show, Monday, 12 March, at 12 noon Utah time.The show may be found at will take a look at the current media focus on blacks and the priesthood, along with other interesting subjects, and will be available around the world via computer and smartphone at show starts at noon sharp, Utah time, so, if you get there early, wait for it to pop up live. Be sure to set a reminder for … [Read more...]

Mitt: The Man

Putting on my political hat -- which, as my wife could wearily testify, is seldom altogether out of my hand -- I would like to recommend a blog created by a colleague of mine, Michael Bush, who served as a missionary in France at the same time that Mitt Romney did:Mitt: The ManLike me, Dr. Bush is dismayed and frustrated by the widespread depiction of Mitt Romney as an uncaring, inhuman, unlikeable, robotic, distant, and, frankly, rather phony human being.  That is what impelled him to … [Read more...]

Hello, We’re Missionaries from al-Qa‘ida!

Probably just about everybody out there has seen this little Australian gem.  Still, on the off chance that some haven't . . .Al-Qa‘ida MissionariesMaybe I just have a sick sense of humor.Explanation:  John Howard, who is mentioned in the video,  served from 11 March 1996 to 3 December 2007 as the rightward-leaning twenty-fifth prime minister of Australia. … [Read more...]

Religous People are Happier, Studies Show

My article in this morning's Deseret News draws on the research of Dr. Arthur Brooks: … [Read more...]

Words of Wisdom from Early Islamic History

Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, died unexpectedly and rather suddenly in 632 A.D., after only a brief illness.When the news reached ‘Umar that Muhammad was gone, that strong man, who would later rule over the entire Islamic empire as the second successor, or caliph, to the Prophet, seems to have become virtually hysterical.  (Muhammad's death must have been utterly devastating to the earliest Muslims.)  He stood among the people and cried out that Muhammad was not dead, that he had m … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney and Evangelical Resistance

A few days ago, I posted a little piece about the seeming reluctance of certain people -- notably some Evangelical Protestants and a number of secular liberals -- to grant Latter-day Saints fully equal status within American society and politics:"Are U.S. Mormons Real Americans?"An article published today in Salt Lake City's Deseret News seems to bear out my strong sense that a significant part of the opposition to the presidential candidacy of Mitt Romney among Republicans comes from … [Read more...]