An Important Disclaimer

I think I need to clarify this from time to time:

The opinions expressed on this blog do not necessarily represent those of Brigham Young University, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Austrian or monetarist economics, the Mitt Romney campaign, the Republican Party, the residents of Utah, or even my fellow agents of Mordor.

What’s more, sometimes they don’t even represent mine.

I think that Groundhog Day is a really, really good movie, for example, with a much more serious message than might be apparent on the surface.  Is it, though, really the greatest movie ever made?

Probably not.  That honor most likely belongs to Ghostbusters.

Of course, I also like some other films, such as Citizen Kane, Ben-HurDas Leben der Anderen, It’s a Wonderful Life, North by Northwest, Singin’ in the Rain, The Third Man, Schindler’s ListThe Magnificent Ambersons, A Streetcar Named DesireLawrence of Arabia, Vertigo, The Syrian Bride, and etc.

Is Senator Barbara Boxer actually a witch?  Did Senator Dianne Feinstein really have a speaking part in Macbeth?  Some, based on a previous entry here, apparently imagine that I think so, and they’re mighty upset about it.

Let me reassure them.  I have never seen Senator Feinstein in a performance of any Shakespeare play, and I have no evidence to suggest that Senator Boxer consorts with dark occultic powers.

My sense of humor is . . . well, sometimes irreverent.  And my style is often intended to be provocative.  My jokes aren’t always deeply serious, and sometimes they have no real ideological agenda at all.

Posted from Park City, Utah.

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