An Undertaking in Dialogue between the West and the Arab World

Norman Rockwell, “The Golden Rule”

A very worthwhile venture that I would like to publicize here — one of the major reasons for my launching a blog in the first place is to publicize things that I want people to know about — is the dual-language Arabic/English online journal Ijtihad/Reason, sponsored by the Center for Global Engagement at the Institute for American Values in New York City, to which I’m a “Contributor.”

Our effort began several years ago with a multi-day meeting on the Mediterranean island of Malta.  It has continued since then with formal meetings in Morocco, southern Spain, and, most recently, under the auspices of the Carter Center in Atlanta.

I’m very committed to the idea of intercivilizational and interreligious dialogue.  It seems to me not only urgent but a literal matter of life and death.

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