Dispatch from Jerusalem

After a very early start today, and a long drive southwards, we went to the top of the spectacular fortress of Masada and toured most of the remnants of the ancient buildings on its summit.  En route, I asked Reid Neilson to talk about his work as managing director of the Church History Department.

From Masada, we headed back up north to the ruins of Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.

After eating lunch there, we drove just a bit further north to a place where many “floated” in the Dead  Sea and coated themselves with the famous Dead Sea mud.  En route, I asked Steve Booras, who retired from the Maxwell Institute eight months ago, to talk about his work with the digitization of ancient documents on the Institute’s behalf.

Finally, we drove up to Jerusalem, which is, for me, always an emotional experience.

Posted from Jerusalem, Israel.

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