Four Suggestions for the Coming Storm

I received an email this morning from Wade and Joanne Fillmore in which they offer some reading suggestions to prepare Latter-day Saints to deal with some of the issues — vicarious baptisms, the pre-1978 ban on black ordination, and women in the Church — that will inevitably get a great deal of media attention during the forthcoming American presidential campaign.

I agree that Latter-day Saints are going to have to be “on their game” over the next several months, which will offer both massive challenges and unprecedented opportunities.  And I agree that these are helpful suggestions.  So I share them with you:

1.  Michael Otterson, “What Baptism for the Dead Means to Mormons”

2.  Marcus H. Martins, “Thirty Years After the ‘Long-Promised Day’: Reflections and Expectations”

3.  Keith Hamilton, “Faith, Truth, and Priesthood Restriction”

4.  Valerie Hudson Cassler, “I am a Mormon because I am a Feminist”

“Some years ago,” President Harold B. Lee once recalled, “I went to a stake conference where the Manti Temple is located down in southern Utah.  It was a dark, stormy night, and it was snowing.  As we left our meetings and went to the home of the stake president, we stopped there in the car and looked up at the temple situated high on a hill.  As we sat impressed by the sight of that beautifully lighted temple shining through the snowy and dark night, the stake president said something to me that was very meaningful.  He said, ‘That temple, lighted as it is, is never more beautiful than in a storm or when there is a dense fog.’”

Posted from Park City, Utah.

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