Beauty and Belief: Just Do It

I led a small group through BYU’s “Beauty and Belief” exhibit today.  I’ve led several such groups, and I’ve visited the exhibit on my own multiple times, but I was deeply impressed all over again.

We’re approximately three months into its seven-month tenure at the BYU Museum of Art.  In other words, we’re approaching the half-way point.

Don’t miss this exhibit.

And don’t put seeing it off until the last day or two, when it will be crowded and you’ll be kicking yourself.  (That’s the kind of stunt I always pull.)

It’s free, after all.

And, if you’re close and have the opportunity, visit it more than once.  Let it sink in.  Take it in small bites.  Linger and focus on one or two objects, or on a single room.  Then return a few days later for some more.

This is a world-class collection of objects.  We won’t see anything like it in Provo again for a very, very long time.

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