“Paradise Lies at the Feet of Mothers”

A popular hadith or tradition ascribed to the Prophet Muhammad reads

” الجنة تحت اقدام الامهات ”

“Paradise lies at the feet of mothers.”

It’s an appropriate thought to reflect upon today, because, at least in the United States, today is Mothers Day.

I know that not a few women actually hate Mothers Day, because it makes them feel inadequate.  Others dislike it because of the sentimentality that tends to accompany it.

And, sadly, not all mothers deserve to be honored.  Mere biological conception and delivery aren’t, in a sense, all that big a deal.  Dogs, cats, bees, wolverines, desert tortoises, birds, and skunks do it.  Snakes do it.

But, seriously, flawed though they invariably are, conscientious, loving, human mothers are, to me, a thing of wonder.

They give up far more for their children — including sleepless nights, and sleepwalking days, and endless often mind-numbing errands, and all of the other tens of thousands of things involved in actually raising children rather than merely bringing them into the world — than their children, or their childrens’ fathers, can truly comprehend.

I wish I could thank my mother again.

I cannot adequately thank the mother of my children.

But I’ll try.

And, if you still have a mother around, or a grandmother, or a wife who’s raising your children with you, take the time today — and tomorrow, and tomorrow — to thank her.  It’s literally just about the least you can appropriately do.

Do it now.

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