The Song of Hiawatha’s Daughter (D-MA)

A long-lost daguerreotype of Pocahontas, archetypal Indian maiden.

Elizabeth Warren, Democratic candidate for the United States Senate from Massachusetts, as a young girl.

Bill Clinton still remembers all the black Arkansas churches that were burned during his youth; Hillary Clinton (born 26 October 1947) was named after the New Zealand mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary, whose ascent of Mount Everest on 29 May 1953 made him famous around the world; and, despite his patrician upbringing and his prep school and Harvard education and his father’s status in the U.S. Senate, Albert Gore, Jr., used to plow the terraced hillsides of Tennessee with a brace of horses, harvesting tobacco with his own bare hands, just like the rest of his nineteenth-century sharecropper contemporaries.  Joe Biden’s father — or, at least, the father of Neil Kinnock, the British Labour Party leader from whom Mr. Biden borrowed the speech and the biography — was a coal miner.  Martin Luther King, Jr., died in the arms of Jesse Jackson, who wasn’t in the same state at the time but wore the bloody shirt for the next day or two.  And should we mention former Senator and Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards?

But now we have this.

Elizabeth Warren,
having overcome racial prejudice and escaped the reservation, 
as a professor at Harvard Law School.

It’s an inspiring tale of courage in overcoming challenges, bigotry, and adversity that will have you in tears.  I guarantee it.

"Types of Evidence"
An important new letter from the Council of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
New Testament 191
New Testament 189, 190