Savonarola is My Middle Name


Activities night in the singles ward where I recently served as bishop, from a ward member's sketchbook (done while his fingers still worked)

My latest Deseret News column appeared this morning, as it has every Thursday morning for something on the order of 2.5 years now.

The reaction to it of some of my more fevered critics has been fascinating, as they’ve vied with each other in accusations against me of McCarthyism, calling for a witch hunt, and trying to launch a new Inquisition.  One of them, going for the gold, ponders aloud why the leadership of the Church hasn’t yet disciplined me for my many gross offenses and for the grievous injuries I’ve inflicted upon scores if not hundreds of innocent people.

I wonder how some of these folks would spend their days if they didn’t have me around to supply a satisfying — and virtually daily — target for outraged horror and indignation.  I seem to provide them with their raison d’être.

You can rest assured that their expressions of affronted decency will continue, as I predicted earlier today, during the entire time I’m on the road.  It’s what they do.  It’s what they love.

Incidentally, as regards McCarthyism, witch hunts, and Inquisitions?  I’m against ‘em.

Posted from Salt Lake City.

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