“The World’s Largest Gathering of Free Minds”

I have deep interest in and sympathy for a communitarian position (as might, perhaps, be vaguely discernible even in my immediately past entry on this blog).  But I also lean strongly toward libertarianism, particularly in matters of government economic policy.  Which is why I’m calling your attention to FreedomFest 2012, created and led by my friend Dr. Mark Skousen.

Some will be inclined to see my stance as incoherent.  I prefer to call it “complex,” “nuanced,” and “rich.”  (Naturally.)  The difference, for me, hinges on whether service and donations are coerced or free, whether community is enforced or voluntary.  I can, it seems to me, be a libertarian-inclined political conservative while, at the same time, I believe very strongly in the principles of the Latter-day Saint welfare system, in serving as an unpaid counselor (as a bishop), in fasts and fast offerings, and in volunteering for Deseret Industries and the Church cannery.  I can be sympathetic toward libertarianism while having genuine reservations about the ethical system of Ayn Rand.

But enough of that.  For information on the dates, speakers, program, registration, and etc. for FreedomFest 2012, see this.

I’ve spoken at three different annual FreedomFests, I think.  Maybe four, but I think three.  I wish I could participate this year, too, because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and found it extraordinarily stimulating.  I was invited for this year, in fact, but will be out of the country at the time.

And Las Vegas is so very, very pleasant in July!

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