Be There!



Just a reminder of the annual FAIR conference, which will be held this year on 2-3 Augus, in Sandy, Utah.


See here for program details and information about how to register.


FAIR is the premier apologetics organization in Mormonism today.


London, England.


Really. “Who’s afraid of secularism?”
“Mormon Fair-Cast: Peoples Choice Podcast Voting”
Next month in Jerusalem?
“‘Woven into the fabric of our country’: Islam in early America”
  • CliffB

    I’ll be there, Dan! Probably *without* bells, but you never know…

    A year or two I asked you if there was an Islamic equivalent to the Hebrew “Adam Kadmon”. You said yes, and told me the name or label that corresponded. I, sadly, have forgotten it. Could you repeat for me?