But I Thought Al GORE Invented the Internet . . .



I’ve caught a bit of heat for my posted reaction to Mr. Obama’s “you didn’t build that” remark.


Here’s a nice analysis of the matter from the prominent Anglo-American political commentator John O’Sullivan with which I agree.


And I continue to think that Mr. Obama’s derisive references in Roanoke, just prefatory to the Four Words themselves, to people who’ve created businesses and been successful are revealing of his real attitude toward market capitalism.



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  • http://ivlg.blogspot.com Matt

    Anyone that agrees with Obama’s comment can not be considered coherent on economic subjects. There is far too much evidence against Obama’s statement to give serious thought to it at all. I recommend everyone have a look at http://www.mises.org as well as an outstanding series on YouTube by Milton Friedman called Free To Choose. Keep up the libertarian theme, Dr. Peterson. I always say “If the Founders had it so right, why do we think so much needs changing?”

    • Quickmere Graham

      Amen! Bring back slavery and abolish women’s suffrage!

  • Quickmere Graham

    Why blog what amounts to little more than a tweet or a facebook status update?

    • danpeterson

      Because I felt like it. Feel free to launch your own blog.

      And, if you dislike mine too much, feel free not to read it.

  • Cynthia L.