An Alternative, for Those Who Think the New Batman Film Too Violent


    My thanks to Mike Tannehill for bringing this to my attention.  … [Read more...]

Salt Press


  I would like to call attention to a relatively new Mormon publishing venture, Salt Press, that is issuing books demonstrating close, deep, and sophisticated readings of Latter-day Saint scriptural texts. When I was informed of the new course to which the Maxwell Institute is now committed, these volumes from Salt Press were offered to me as a prime example of the kind of thing the Institute ought to be sponsoring. Evidently, though, it was … [Read more...]

Romneyana: Some Links


     A good article by the invaluable David French regarding "Silly Commentary on Mitt, Money, and Mormonism in the Washington Post." Three interesting pieces on Governor Romney's important speech yesterday to the Veterans of Foreign … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous Thoughts Occasioned by the Aurora Shootings


   First of all, I'm not a gun nut.  Not even close.  My father was a fairly serious hunter, my extended family are very serious hunters, and my brother, though he seldom if ever hunted in his last decades, loved guns.  (He was a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.)  I went hunting a few times, and I learned from a very young age to be quite comfortable around weapons.  I own several guns myself.  But I never really caught the bug, and I don't use my … [Read more...]

Two Upcoming Conferences


  I had lunch today with my friend Mark Skousen, whose annual FreedomFest just concluded a bit more than a week ago in Las Vegas.  I'm extremely sorry that my travel schedule prevented me from participating in it this year. FreedomFest 2013 will be held 10-13 July 2013 at Caesar's Palace, in Las Vegas.  And its overall theme next year will be, appropriately enough, "Are We Rome?"  (There will be plenty of presentations and debates on topics beyond the theme.)  O … [Read more...]

“A Sacred Journey in Search of God”

  Internet access was so sporadic and brief and iffy during my just-concluded six weeks in the Middle East and Europe that I failed to provide links for several items that it is a primary function of this blog to provide links to.  (Could you follow that rather convoluted sentence with its dangling preposition?)  Anyway, I don't think that I provided a link to this Hamblin/Peterson column.  If I already did, I apologize. I didn't realize, at the time our column ap … [Read more...]

Back to Earth, Back to Reality

 Well, I'm back.  The plucked chicken has landed. Now I have to deal with the fallout and the wreckage, and with whatever additional unpleasant surprises may have been prepared for me during my absence. I've mentioned my sadness that my brother wasn't on this trip with us as we had planned, and my deep and continuing sorrow at his loss.  But I have to say that, in a certain very minor way, his not being along was a mercy.  He was my most enthusiastic fan, ex … [Read more...]

All Good Things Must End

  One amusing detail that I failed to mention from yesterday's visit to Dover:  There were two main gun batteries at Dover during World War Two, both named after Winston Churchill:  One was "Winnie," and the other was "Poo." Well, this seemingly endless trip is now coming to an end.  I can scarcely remember home.  Heck, for that matter I can scarcely remember Israel or Switzerland or Austria.  They seem very, very long ago. It's Sunday morning here, and … [Read more...]