Secular Left Tyranny?



This, in my opinion, is truly frightening.


(Compare this.)


I don’t mind boycotts, but I really, really get nervous when government officials begin talking this way.  I would get nervous even if they were on my side.


I’m feeling curiously hungry for chicken right now.



We didn't even make it through the weekend, and Round Two begins!
"There need to be some clear questions raised."
A British barrister's take on the Supreme Court, same-sex marriage, and religious liberty
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  • Raymond Takashi Swenson

    It is my sincete belief that it is the actual intent of those supporting the legalization of same sex marriage to use it as a basis to bludgeon anyone who dares express disagreement or implement it in their comnercial activities by withholding personal services (marital cpunseling, phitography, cake making, live music, legal services) that wpuld require them to actively suppirt and facilitate same sex marriage. It is not needed to enable gay people to unite their property interests and inheritance. It IS needed if they are going to claim government benefits (paid by taxpayers). In the samebway that Global Warming is a way for environmentalists to take totalitarian control over all economic activities, gay marriage is a way for secularists to destroy the moral independence of churches. Mr. Obama’s insistencenthat all employers pay for meducal insurance covering the entirely budgetable cost of contraceptives is another such bludgeon. While srcularistsnare always sounding an alarm aboyt incipientbtheocracies that will impise morality on nonbelievers, it is the nonbelievers who actually seek a uniform.standard of morality, with all dissent silenced.

  • Quickmere Graham

    I think global warming is actually *caused* by gay marriage, and thus in preventing its legality I can do my part to keep our earth in good condition. I certainly won’t sign up for any collective measures to decrease greenhouse gas emissions because I know collective action in any capacity is actually a threat to my freedom and a way for undisclosed demagogues to rule the world by gay marriage fiat.