Two Upcoming Conferences



I had lunch today with my friend Mark Skousen, whose annual FreedomFest just concluded a bit more than a week ago in Las Vegas.  I’m extremely sorry that my travel schedule prevented me from participating in it this year.


FreedomFest 2013 will be held 10-13 July 2013 at Caesar’s Palace, in Las Vegas.  And its overall theme next year will be, appropriately enough, “Are We Rome?”  (There will be plenty of presentations and debates on topics beyond the theme.)  One of the books Mark will be recommending in connection with the meetings will be Simon Baker’s Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire.  One of the possible elements of next year’s program, actually suggested to Mark by a certain sitting United States Senator who was at this most recent meeting, is the idea of having several senators come together in the guise of the ancient Roman senate for a debate.  These conferences are enormously entertaining and informative, and, for a conservative, like me, with strong libertarian leanings, they’re positively energizing.


And, of course, there is the annual FAIR conference, being held in Sandy, Utah, this year on 2-3 August.  That’s less than two weeks away, so, if you’re thinking of attending or of participating on line, you need to start making realistic plans.  FAIR is currently the premier apologetics organization in Mormonism.  There are going to be some great presentations this year — only one of them looks like a real stinker — and my understanding is that pre-registration has been running unusually high.  So don’t delay.


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