A Disclaimer


I grew up in Southern California. This, the Los Angeles Temple, was our temple. After my father became a member of the Church — I baptized him the night I was set apart as a missionary — we were sealed together as a family in this temple. An image of the Los Angeles Temple adorns the grave markers of both my mother and my father.


In case there’s anybody out there who imagines, based upon what I’ve written on this blog, that I’ve become disaffected from Brigham Young University, let alone from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, because of certain recent events — and I have it on good authority that there is at least one person out there who has drawn that erroneous conclusion — I want to be perfectly clear:


I love BYU.  I’ve loved BYU since I was in my California teens.  I still do.


My testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith is completely intact, as is my commitment to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I sustain the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles as prophets, seers, and revelators, and I sustain all of the other General Authorities, as well as my local Church leaders.


I still have a calling in the Church (I’m currently a Gospel Doctrine teacher, but have served on high councils, in a bishopric, and as a bishop, and served on the overall Gospel Doctrine writing committee of the Church for nearly a decade), I hold a valid temple recommend, and so forth.


I hope that’s clear enough to dispel any possible confusion.



"Pointing a knife at the freedom of faith communities across Canada to hold and practise their beliefs"
New Testament 193
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  • Michael Towns

    For a mild-mannered professor, you sure seem to attract the attention of a whole lot of miscreants… ;)

  • Andy Nelson

    Thank you Brother Peterson for all that you have done. I love when I see your interviews in different documentaries and am able to read your writings and learn of you research. I greatly respect you for all you have done and will continue to do!

  • http://www.steverlynn.com Dr. Steve R. Lynn

    I am so very grateful to hear you say this. There is no room for disharmony and division in our Lord’s kingdom here on earth. Those who have been blessed to be held in high esteem in the councils of our Lord’s Church have an even greater responsibility to work to maintain unity. Thank you, Brother Peterson.

  • hc1951

    Perfectly clear, my friend :-) As I once said to a rather “interesting” member of a Gospel Doctrine class, “At least you care enough to have an opinion”. Most of us would rather cruise on by, waiting for others to do our thinking for us; a sin no-one could ascribe to you.

  • Mike Bennion

    Never any doubt about this. Wishing you the best and excited about the new website and journal.

  • http://www.elephantnavel.blogspot.com/ Tim Brooks

    I love your transparency.

  • Saima Leon

    Though I know you only through Aliisa and Helen I am strengthened by your deep testimony. I appreciate your scholarship and your respect for other faiths. Love your brain
    Saima Leon

    • danpeterson

      LOL. Thanks!

  • David Kent

    I was worried that you were going to change his name to Mohammad Elijah and join the Nation of Islam. Thank goodness you’ve cleared that up.

  • Somebodyz

    Never had any doubt. Sorry to hear anyone could think otherwise of you.

  • Raymond Takashi Swenson

    I picked up your bio of Muhammad at the FAIR conference. Fascinating. I have your two hour lectures, but the details about Muhammad’s family connection to the caretaking of the Ka’aba before his prophetic experiences gives him an extra dimension. The existence of Jewish and Christian Arabs in the 600s makes me curious about how that came about. Were they Arabs converted, or ancestral Jews and Christians who migrated into Arabia?

  • Larry Ainsworth

    Having known you for many years, we know you to be a true disciple of Christ. Your ability to teach gospel principles effectively is evidence of your comprehensive understanding and testimony of the restored gospel. I greatly admire your scholarship and your efforts to understand and reach out to the world of Islam. You go way beyond simply viewing our Muslim brothers and sisters. Your articles in the “Mormon Times” are always insightful and informative.
    Thanks for all you do to bring us to Christ.

  • danpeterson

    I’m deeply grateful for the very kind comments above.