A Light Moment for the Early Evening


Some funny things — mostly apolitical — that have crossed my radar screen over the past twenty-four hours or so.  I meant to jot down who brought them to my attention, but I didn’t, and now I’ve forgotten.  Sorry.  But here they are:




Sandra Fluke, a law student who believes that the public has an obligation to provide her with free or low-cost contraceptives so that she can pursue the lifestyle she’s chosen





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  • Michael Towns

    Love the Sandra Fluke one. I will admit, I don’t understand how an otherwise intelligent woman could seriously believe that the State and civil society is on the hook to provide her with free birth control.

  • Robyn Amis

    Perhaps because Viagra is paid for.

    • danpeterson

      Nice try, but a bad analogy. Viagra is intended to remedy a failure in normal function. Elective birth control isn’t. (It’s actually intended, though this is irrelevant to my point, to block a normal function.)

  • Raymond Takashi Swenson

    Yes, I believe fertility treatments to aid women in conception is a normal part of most health care, within certain limits of cost. As to the cost of contraceptives, my cost share of my health insurance policy is over $300 a month. The cost of typical contraceptive pills is far less than that, and other contraceptive devices and materials are over-the-counter cheap. If you are having sexual relations so frequently that the cost of this material is becoming significant, you should regard it as a cost of doing business (which you may legitimately deduct from your income taxes).

  • christine

    Raymond are you trying to say that you actually tried to file a claim ? Note that your claim might be rejected because it was not an emergency (haha) ….
    it’s called intellectual ability to foresee future problems….or else known as “planning”… none of our elected representatives seem to be able to figure out how it is done.. so why would some young chick > (contraceptives are cheap. abortions are not….unless performed with a coat hanger..hence only stupid females need the government to pay for an abortion, in other words.stupidity is expensive, for the tax payer….what is new ?????)
    But no ….the little boy was begging to be held upside down …..