A New Blog, and More on Ben Witherington’s Argument for Excluding Mormons from Christendom



“He is Not Here,”
by Latter-day Saint artist Walter Rane


I’m pleased to announce that the ever-growing, ever-improving site for Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture now features a blog.


And on that blog now, by the way, is a response by Prof. William J. Hamblin to Ben Witherington’s attempt, yesterday, to bar the gate of Christendom against Mormons.


Professor Hamblin’s reply joins the response from Kevin Barney that is mentioned here.


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  • Maynette S. More

    I would like to know from whom these persons get the authority to determine who is a Christian and who is not. I always believed that that authority rested in Jesus Christ who is the only one who knows exactly, and with no doubts, the personal relationship between him and those who profess to be a Christian. It is that relationship that goes a long way, in my opinion, in the determination of being a Christian or not. If he has handed that authority to others I would like to see the scriptural reference showing this transfer of authority. I don’t suppose those who believe they have the right to stand at the gate and make this decision believe they need some form of authority to do so, but last I read the Bible it seemed to indicate that Christ was the only one keeping an eye on that gate, and made it very clear that he would always be the only one there and making that decision. Have I missed something stating otherwise in the Bible? If so, I would appreciate a reference with chapter and verse.

    • danpeterson

      No, you haven’t missed anything. I’m always puzzled by people who create idiosyncratic definitions of “Christianity” and then presume to read others out of it.