A Report from the Beginning of Fall Term, 2012


Brigham Young University,
a view toward the north


Brigham Young University’s fall academic term began on Monday.


My own classes began on Tuesday.


I’m teaching MESA 250 — “Introduction to Islam” — and MESA 467R — a course on the Qur’an that will read and discuss the text in English — along with an independent readings course (Arabic 490R).


I’m happy to report that things are still going well, that I haven’t fallen catastrophically behind yet.


That’s quite an achievement for me.


But, so as not to make matters too easy, I’m leaving early Friday morning (actually, effectively, Thursday night) for a trip to Turkey.


Very ill-timed.


It’s on University business — actually, quite awkwardly and almost certainly my last such undertaking, on Maxwell Institute business — but it’s still ill-timed.  Scarcely a good way to begin a new academic term, even though I have the classes reasonably well organized for this foreseen absence, and much more than adequately covered.  (Three wonderful friends — Drs. Donna Lee Bowen, Lisa DeLong, and James Toronto — have kindly agreed to come in and help.)


Oh well.  It’s not as if I hate Turkey!  On the contrary:  It’s one of my favorite places in the world.  If I’m going to mess up my classes and virtually guarantee falling desperately behind at the very start of a new academic year, a visit to Istanbul is far from the worst occasion for doing it.



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  • http://www.ericstoddardconsulting.com Eric Stoddard

    Istanbul is always worth a trip…the kids will catch up….and you will have stories of daring-do to tell them. It’ll be great.