Byzantine Portraits


My BYU Education Week lectures begin today, from 1:50 to 2:45 in the Pardoe Theater in the Harris Fine Arts Center.

Tuesday: ”Constantine the Great”

Wednesday: ”Eusebius of Caesarea”

Thursday: ”Arius and Athanasius”

Friday: ”Justinian and Theodora”

I had high hopes for these lectures when I proposed the topics, but, well, things haven’t worked out as I had anticipated, and I’ve been much distracted over the past couple of months (which I thought would be prime preparation time for these and some related matters). Now, I’ve surrendered the thought of brilliance and I hope merely for adequacy. And I pray that my PowerPoint works.

But the subjects are intrinsically fascinating, so maybe it’ll be alright.


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  • Carolyn Ugolini

    Have you been to Ravenna?

    • danpeterson

      Yes. It’s wonderful. In fact, I’ll be talking about Ravenna a bit in at least two of these lectures, and sharing images from the churches there.

      • Greg Smith

        Ravenna’s the place I enjoyed most that I had never heard of until I went. Strange that the Empire was run from there, and I’d not even heard of it.

        Some great churches and mosaics.

  • Gail Smith

    I hope you can share your ideas on these famous subjects in some format available to those who cannot attend your lectures this year.

    • danpeterson

      I hope, eventually, to write a relatively short primer for Latter-day Saints on the seven ecumenical councils of the Christian church. That’s the plan, anyway. Time will tell.

      But, if I do, Constantine, Athanasius, Arius, Eusebius, and, to a lesser degree, Justinian and Theodora will definitely figure in it.

  • Kent G. Budge

    I was assigned Eusebius by C. Wilford Griggs when I was a student at BYU. My recollection is that he could not resist snarking that, in the original Latin, History of the Church was a single three-hundred-page run-on sentence.

    The translation was readable enough. I finally gave it away a few years out of school when I began running low on bookshelf space.

  • Glen Cooper

    Dan, I regularly teach these subjects in my history courses. Happy to lend a hand, if needed. Need some slides or lecture notes, they’re yours.

    • danpeterson

      Glen, I think I’ve just gotten the slide situation under control, though I would very much enjoy, sometime, seeing yours. And I would certainly love to have a look at your notes.

      Thanks very, very much for offering.

  • christine

    ha ! so you will pull something out of a hat or “schuettel es aus dem Aermel” ….(which in my book IS brilliance,,,,if you can pull it off about Konstantin or Justinian. )