Dr. Witherington versus Mormons’ Christianity


Thorwaldsen’s Christus Statue on Temple Square
in Salt Lake City


Ben Witherington, an evangelical New Testament scholar whom I’ve always respected — and whom, I suppose, I continue to respect, despite his recent . . . umm, provocation — posted an entry on Patheos yesterday explaining, in his view, “Why Mormonism is Not Christianity.”


I would really, really, really like to respond to this.  I’ve actually written a book arguing that the denial of Mormons’ Christianity rests on a flimsy-to-nonexistent biblical and historical basis.  (That book is available online here.)


I see little new in this latest iteration of the denial.  Professor Witherington’s argument seems extremely weak to me.


But, what with the beginning of the new academic term and my departure in a couple of days for Turkey, and what with a host of other things that need to get done, I may or may not get to it.  Alas.


Here, though, is a typically thoughtful reply from my friend Kevin Barney.





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