“‘I Have Revealed Your Name’: The Hidden Temple in John 17″


The Kyiv Ukraine Temple
of the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints


I’ve spent the past two nights at a secret retreat and hideout right on the Provo River, which, I’m happy to report, has no internet access.  (What peace!)  Unfortunately, though, the place has no internet access . . .


But I’m back home for at least a few minutes, and I’m very pleased to announce, albeit belatedly, that the new online publication Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture, has posted yet another interesting article.  This one is William J. Hamblin’s “‘I Have Revealed Your Name’: The Hidden Temple in John 17″:




Professor Hamblin’s article follows the first Interpreter article, by David Bokovoy; a second article, by Mark Wright and Brant Gardner; and a book review, by George Mitton:




And there’s more on its way.




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