“John Gee, Egyptologist”


Yale University, where John Gee earned his doctorate in Egyptology


A blog post from my friend and colleague William Hamblin has just appeared, responding to a certain strain of criticism directed against our friend and colleague John Gee.


I might add here that, just as this strain of criticism against Dr. Gee is false, several criticisms leveled at my defense of Dr. Gee’s graduate work at Yale, though they appear to have taken on a life of their own in certain quarters, are substantially incorrect.  My statements defending my former student and current colleague against unjust and factually untrue claims about his experience in graduate school have been irresponsibly ripped from their original context in order, through distortion, to blacken my character.  Just for the record.



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  • https://mormonscriptureexplorations.wordpress.com/ Bill Hamblin

    Can’t you think of anything original to blog about?!?

    • danpeterson

      I can’t think of anything original to blog about.

  • https://mormonscriptureexplorations.wordpress.com/ Bill Hamblin

    Actually, that response was kind of original. But not as original as my original question.

    • danpeterson

      You know as well as I do that the word in Arabic for “innovation” — bid‘a — is also the word for “heresy.” I’m as orthodox, in that sense, as the day is long. Haven’t had an original thought in decades.

  • http://scrutablescriptures.wordpress.com/ Mortal Man

    Sometimes it’s helpful to provide a reference to the thing you are talking about. For example, when you post notice of your Mormon Times articles, you often provide a convenient link so that, with a simple click of the button, we can dig right in. Likewise, if you told us where this “certain strain of criticism” might be found, some forces of good could descend upon it and possibly overwhelm those forces of evil.

    • danpeterson

      There might be some limited benefit in providing URL references to dozens of hostile insinuations offered up by anonymous message board posts over the past ten years or so, but the effort required to track them down — if, indeed, it could even be done — would, I judge, be vastly disproportionate to the hypothetical good that might, you suggest, indirectly come of it.

      You have, I’m told, some ability with mathematics. I’m sure that you can understand that calculation.

      • http://scrutablescriptures.wordpress.com/ Mortal Man

        Well, I’m not sure what to do about “ten years” of “anonymous message board posts” but if you feel there is a problem with the thread I recently started on the-board-that-shall-not-be-named then just say the word and I will do something about it. I asked Bill what he was referring to but my comment apparently didn’t make it through moderation. FWIW, I disapprove of the personal attacks against Prof. Gee.

  • danpeterson

    I’ll have to look at the thread in order to judge whether there are problems or not. I know for a fact that there are fundamental problems in the things that have been alleged against ME with regard to Professor Gee and his tenure at Yale. I don’t know whether those things appear in your thread.