MItt: The Man


Mitt and Ann Romney Wedding Photo


Barack Obama continues, apparently, to lead Mitt Romney by a considerable distance when Americans are polled on the question of the candidates’ “likability.”


This is particularly galling to me because of what I know about Governor Romney from personal sources.


Considerably before Mitt Romney took over the 2002 Winter Olympics, I had begun to take notice of him.  Why?  Because, somewhat coincidentally, I had gotten to know several people (Mormons and non-Mormons, in Utah and on the east coast) who knew him very well, and I was struck by the awe, affection, even veneration, with which they spoke of him, his competence, and his character.  I’ve never met Mr. Romney myself, but I know a surprising number of people who are closely tied to him in one way or another.


Talking with my friends, I didn’t hear this story, but I did hear this one, from the girl’s father himself, whom I’ve known for quite a few years now.  And I heard many others of similar import, even if less dramatic.


With my friend and colleague Dr. Michael Bush, who has known Mitt Romney since they were LDS missionaries in France together several decades ago, I’m bothered and frustrated by what I have excellent reason to believe is an utterly false public image of a very good man.  Professor Bush was so exasperated by public comments against Mr. Romney, in fact — comments portraying Mr. Romney as heartless, cold, aloof, uncaring, greedy, arrogant, and the like — that he launched an excellent website called Mitt: The Man in order to counter these serious misperceptions.


I recommend it.



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  • christine

    Likeability polls : I voted for the guy, he turned out to be less than represented about which I am in denial and therefore I am backing up my vote by continuing to “like” him.
    Furthermore “likeability” is just the tip of the iceberg. I cannot see how Obama was ever voted in in the first place. It is not like he had a track record in any way, shape or form – yet I remember the hysteria in the streets after Obama won the election, how even level headed friends of mine had this( pathetic to me) overwhelming idea that he would fix everything. … I do not have to like a person but I have to be convinced that they can fulfil the function they are assigned to. Is it a” faith promoting rumour” that Mitt was able to run Winter Olympics at a profit. Let us say he was able to attract the funding so the local politicians were not left in a position of urgently having to extract money from the unsuspecting residents in the wake of the Games to get rid of the debts left behind. Is it a conincidence that British Columbia spontaneously introduced a Harmonization Sales Tax in 2010? (the year of the Vancouver Winter Olympics) Strangely we still have the HST in Canada, even though a referendum in 2011 voted for it to be scrapped because its introduction was so hasty, it became illegal. So now the scrapping is ..well… a lot slower than its introduction….maybe 2013 some time, a bit like elections in Mali….the debts of the Vancouver Games are by no means paid off yet. Would I trade for the financial situation Romney left behind after the Games in Utah ? Yes, even if I seriously disliked the guy.