My Brother’s Keeper



If this is true, it’s absolutely appalling.



We didn't even make it through the weekend, and Round Two begins!
"There need to be some clear questions raised."
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Meet Iran's "Quds Force"
  • Somebodyz

    It is appalling.
    Have these brothers ever even met? Are we responsible for siblings, we haven’t met? I know I have at least one brother, out there somewhere.

  • MP

    Here’s the first-hand account:

    It goes into a bit more detail.

  • Fred Kratz

    Here is another account of President Obama’s half brother, who by the way is a hopeless alcoholic whose once decent way of life has been diminished by his addictions.

  • Quickmere Graham

    I think Dan thinks his blog is a twitter feed.

    • danpeterson

      My blog is whatever I make it. If you don’t’ like it, don’t read it.

  • Kent G. Budge

    I don’t know how accurate this depiction of Obama is.

    However, I can’t help but think of Rousseau’s appalling treatment of those close to him, in contrast with his sweeping revolutionary rhetoric.

    • danpeterson

      A good and relevant comparison.

  • christine

    I married well and once responded to my brother’s emergency request for financial help by giving him, not a loan as he requested, but a gift of the third of the amount which he needed to satisfy the Taxation Agency for his bankruptcy.The money was obtained via from my husband who is the owner of this what still feels like “obscene” after 10 years of marriage wealth. Years later my brother still held the amount I had sent him by mail to Germany from the US in cash. Still had not sorted out the dispute with the Tax Agency…. I had a face-to-face argument with my brother on a trip I undertook to Germany -this is an annual trip I undertake from the US or Canada (residency in both places) to reconnect with my family. The argument was about what I thought was an innocent exchange with my brother’s young son, which my brother thought was representative of my evil attitude. So he threw the cash I had mailed him when he was “in need” at my feet. I am not in a hurry to help my brother with money again……………………..

  • christine

    oops I had paretheses which I should have left. sorry everyone for the badly edited comment….I think the meaning is still apparent….