Of Logic and Pseudo-Logic




I’ve just come across an excellent blog entry by Lance Starr regarding the charge of nasty and fallacious “ad hominem” attacks that has sometimes been leveled against me and others who were associated with the late, great FARMS Review.  Well done.

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  • christine

    which still does not explain why everyone had to be let go at the drop of a hat. As we all know MI has not found any replacements. http://maxwellinstitute.byu.edu/news/index.php?id=150&type=news.
    Everyone of course is very curious as to how the new team will get along – and whether or not they will find it necessary to stoop to any verifiable “ad hominem” attacks.

    • danpeterson

      No good explanation is possible. It wasn’t necessary.

      • christine

        The fact that not even a feeble attempt at an explanation is forthcoming forces one to draw certain conclusions.

  • Wendell

    Apparently, perceived ad hominem attacks bring disrepute to the name of Neal A. Maxwell. However, canning people while they are away on vacation via email just shows that the NMI embraces technology.

    • danpeterson

      LOL. Actually, despite the confidence with which people who weren’t involved in the matter assert that I was canned because I was too mean and nasty, or because the journal that I edited was too mean and nasty, absolutely nothing to that effect has ever been conveyed to me, in any manner, by anybody who was in a position to know.

  • christine

    would it not be nice if MI at LEAST had the decency to accuse the actual dismissees of what they actually did to deserve it…..