On Hemorrhoids



A number of years ago, now, Brigham Young University’s Islamic Translation Series, which I founded (and which I continue to serve, after a fashion, as editor in chief), decided to branch out quite a bit and establish a a sister series called “The Medical Works of Moses Maimonides.”  (That, in turn, necessitated an overall project title, “The Middle Eastern Texts Initiative,” to include both series as well as, ultimately, two parallel series devoted to Eastern Christian materials.)


Maimonides was, without serious doubt, the foremost rabbinic thinker of the medieval period, and the leading Jewish philosopher of the Middle Ages.  But he made his living as a physician, and he wrote extensively on medicine.


I’m pleased to announce publication of the latest multilingual volume in The Medical Works of Moses Maimonides:  Maimonides, On Hemorrhoids, edited and translated by Gerrit Bos (Provo: Brigham Young University Press, 2012).


Don’t laugh.  When you set out to publish multiple volumes of medical works, you’re going to get some pretty earthy topics.  The first volume was On Asthma, and — trust me — the best is yet to come.  It’s a good thing that BYU’s president is a physician.


This volume represents absolutely meticulous work on the part of Dr. Gerrit Bos (University of Cologne, Germany), along with Dr. Michael McVaugh (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), and wonderfully careful editorial work by Dr. D. Morgan Davis and his associates Angela Barrionuevo, Elizabeth Watkins, Jude Ogzewalla, Andrew Heiss, and Dr. Muhammad Eissa.


This and other volumes of the Middle Eastern Texts Initiative are available through the BYU Bookstore and Amazon.com, and are distributed by the University of Chicago Press.


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