“‘I Have Revealed Your Name’: The Hidden Temple in John 17″

The Kyiv Ukraine Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  I've spent the past two nights at a secret retreat and hideout right on the Provo River, which, I'm happy to report, has no internet access.  (What peace!)  Unfortunately, though, the place has no internet access . . . But I'm back home for at least a few minutes, and I'm very pleased to announce, albeit belatedly, that the new online publication Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture, has posted yet another interesting article.  This one is William J. Ha … [Read more...]

Mormons and Mormonism on TV Last Night

The Manti Utah Temple

   This didn't get nearly the attention that Brian Williams and NBC's Rock Center received, but it's interesting nonetheless.   Raymond Arroyo interviewed Mitt Romney about his faith for EWTN (the "Eternal Word Television Network"), the very Catholic broadcasting operation, now with a global twenty-four hour reach, founded by Mother Mary Angelica back in 1980. Now, as for the NBC special: On the whole, since I was expecting the usual … [Read more...]

The Right Turns to Film

film1 sepia tone

    I've just learned of a second substantial, serious, very professional documentary (The Hope and the Change), soon to appear, that will be critical of Barack Obama's presidency.  The first, 2016: Obama's America, is apparently already beginning to do fairly well at the box office. I've seen neither film yet, but I have hopes of at least being able to see 2016: Obama's America -- though probably not for (minimally) three weeks.  Still, I'm ra … [Read more...]

Mormons, Secularists, Charity, and Generosity

images coins in a jar for charity

  Here's a fascinating list of the most charitable (and the least charitable) cities in the United States.  There's much to be learned from it. I've already tried, on more than one occasion, to call attention to the fascinating research of Dr. Arthur Brooks (here, for example, and here).  And this latest information further supports his claims.   … [Read more...]

“Islam: Truth and Beauty”


   I'm both exhilarated and frustrated to announce that Seyyed Hossein Nasr, one of the most distinguished Islamic scholars and thinkers of the past century, will be speaking at Brigham Young University on 6 September. Why would this frustrate me?  Because bringing him to BYU was, to a certain extent, my idea, and because I helped to actually get him to come . . . and because I'm going to be in Turkey while he's at BYU.   … [Read more...]

More Material Relevant to Tonight’s Broadcast on Mormonism

At New York's Rockefeller Center

   For those who're interested in tonight's NBC Rock Center special on Mormonism, here's some background material that will also be helpful: http://rockcenter.nbcnews.com/   … [Read more...]

Religion and the Presidential Race: Some Notes

Dinesh D'Souza

   The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has just announced that, unless Congress and the Obama Administration change course quite soon, we're headed for a second recession that will shortly cost many hundreds of thousands of American jobs. But who cares, really? The country's most urgent political priority is to talk about Mitt Romney's theology! John Schroeder, an evangelical Protestant, chronicles and complains about … [Read more...]

Philo of Alexandria

Philo of Alexandria (d. AD 50)

 In my Deseret News column for today, a brief introduction to a man who, in my estimation, contributed enormously to the intellectual character of what Latter-day Saints have traditionally called "the Great Apostasy."  And yet, and yet . . .  he may also have preserved, albeit in altered fashion, some very ancient elements of Hebrew religion that didn't survive in other forms of the faith (even among his contemporaries). He is depicted above in a portrait that represents p … [Read more...]