Paul Ryan, Instant Piñata



Although, yes, it could be a head fake, all the signs seem to be pointing to Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as Mitt Romney’s choice to serve as his vice presidential running mate.


It’s a fairly bold choice, and will certainly excite both conservatives and liberals — albeit in different ways.


Here’s a specimen of the kind of mature, reasoned discourse that we can expect from liberals regarding Congressman Ryan, from way back when he introduced his budget plan, which includes provisions to rein in entitlement spending so as to avoid national insolvency:


Note the Ryan-look-alike pushing granny.



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  • Raymond Takashi Swenson

    Dear Professor Peterson, it appears to me that someone has hacked your blog and put in several idiotic “Occupy” photos into your blog posts about Cedar City and the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

  • Mark Jasinski

    Pinatas are full of yummy things.

  • christine

    I still wonder if a national insolvency could be avoided even if Jesus were in charge, or Merkel…. I mostly wonder if a national insolvency is not already a fait accompli….As I wonder (as everyone else should) if National Insolvency is not the Mot du Jour as in “every nation has it so why worry ???????????” I wonder if….the US national insolvency means a better future for her residents than …for instance, the Chinese national insolvency et cetera…….I totally wonder about where on this green forgiving post – paradisical earth someone will invest their retirement funds to make sure they have something to fall back on when (not if thanks to modern medicine) their strength fails due to the god given and morally redeeming tortures of old age,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,