Philo of Alexandria

Philo of Alexandria (d. AD 50)


In my Deseret News column for today, a brief introduction to a man who, in my estimation, contributed enormously to the intellectual character of what Latter-day Saints have traditionally called “the Great Apostasy.”  And yet, and yet . . .  he may also have preserved, albeit in altered fashion, some very ancient elements of Hebrew religion that didn’t survive in other forms of the faith (even among his contemporaries).


He is depicted above in a portrait that represents pure imagination on the artist’s part and bears absolutely no particular connection to reality.  I include it as ornamentation only.



P.S.  From time to time, my column is picked up on the Real Clear Religion website.  This one today was, for example:





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  • Tom O.

    I found that column to be quite interesting and instructive….thanks!