Ryan, Romney, Obama, Biden (?), and Medicare



And some article recommendations:


Here’s Avik Roy, of the Manhattan Institute, in an article by Jim Geraghty entitled “The Ryan Plan: Compared to the Status Quo, It’s the Safe Choice!”


And a good article by Michael Barone entitled “Entitlement Crisis Takes Center Stage.”


And Yuval Levin, on “Grasping the Medicare Distortion.”


And the editors of National Review on “The Return of Mediscare.”



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  • Michael Towns

    I’ve had several conversations with liberal-leaning friends and associates in recent weeks. Almost all of them are completely in denial about just how serious the fiscal train wreck really is. And when pressed, they have no solutions to offer aside from “tax and spend”. These are otherwise very intelligent people, but they sure are a one-key piano.

  • christine

    I am sure if whatever president in charge could get his mind around it the US could join the EU and get some bail outs to fund their (so far almost non existant) social security, ” retirement at 55 ” and ominpresent health care…cradle to the grave????? like what all US citizens would have had they not kicked the ….*** out of the Brits – just ask Merkel , she probaby has some euros left somewhere for a broke USA