Beauty and Belief


“Beauty and Belief,” at BYU,
ends later this month


Amidst the whirl of recent travel in Anatolia and the haze of jet lag, I can’t recall whether I publicized this column or not.  I probably did.  But, in any case, the days of the “Beauty and Belief” exhibit at BYU are drawing to a close.  Very rapidly.  So it’s worth repeating.


If you haven’t seen the exhibit yet, and are in the Utah area, do so.


If you’ve already seen it, consider taking one last look.


It’s perhaps especially relevant, in a sense, against the background of all the ugly, dysfunctional nonsense in Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Lebanon, and Yemen right now.



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  • Louis Midgley

    And when you visit this wonderful exhibit, which I would hope everyone along the Wasatch Front will do, please do yourself a big favor and plan on enjoying the treasures for several hours. My wife and I did not have nearly enough time to really enjoy the exhibit the first time we visited it and hence we hope to go back for a much longer look around.