“Charity in Defending the Kingdom”

My discussion of charity has, I suspect, left some in my audience agape.


The newest article in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture, posted earlier today, is Daniel C. Peterson, “Charity in Defending the Kingdom.”


Will we be able to continue posting at least one new article or review each week?  I honestly don’t know.  But we’ve managed it thus far.  Which, considering that The Interpreter Foundation is still, as of now, entirely staffed and run by volunteers, is quite remarkable.



On the need for interreligious peace
"Heads LGBTs win, tails Christians lose"
"The tolerant jeweler who harbored impure opinions about same-sex marriage"
New Testament 165
  • Strategoi

    Would Interpeter consider making an unofficial seminary scripture guide?? A lot of teenagers have trouble reading the scriptures because they don’t understand the culture or the 1500/1800 terminology. Also, one thing I find unhelpful in the footnotes is they never define the term. They just direct you to another scripture that may provide context. It’s unnecessarily unhelpful.

    • danpeterson

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll pass it on to my colleagues. Candidly, we’re pedaling about as fast as we can right now. It’s an all-volunteer undertaking, with essentially no money. We’re hoping to change that somewhat in the near future, but . . . well, we’re always happy to get new ideas, too.