Chasin’ Echoes?


A dramatic recreation of the actual moment when the Stalker was identified. (If he was.)


I’m told that the person I’ve termed my “Malevolent Stalker” — an obsessive, odious, and anonymous critic who, for (I dunno) roughly five years or more, has been defaming and caricaturing me on a basically agnostic/atheist/ex-Mormon message board — has been identified.  (A few of you will know very well what I’m talking about.  The rest . . . well, consider yourselves lucky.)


I don’t know whether it’s true.  While he’s been more than willing to ladle out the personal hostility and to twist the words and actions of others (notably but not only mine), he’s kept his own identity absolutely private for a long time.   Maybe his luck has run out.


But maybe not.


If it is true, it’s good news.  Perhaps he’ll be a bit more circumspect from now on.


The web is a very useful thing.  But it’s also given some very sad and nasty little people a platform that they wouldn’t have had a few years ago.


I paid the Stalker too much attention for a while.  Now, though, I pay him none at all.  I haven’t for quite a while.


And life has been noticeably better since I made the decision to ignore him.


(A word to the wise, in this age of anonymous creepiness and the Web.)



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  • Weston

    I’ve searched everywhere and I can’t find his identity!

  • Kent G. Budge

    Sometimes I think the Internet is television, squared:

    Television makes us stupid.

    The Internet makes us stupid and evil.

  • Margaret Dansie

    @ Kent G Budge, love that quote! May I steal it? (I’ll give you credit)

  • Kent G. Budge

    Steal away.

    The observation that television makes us stupid may sound like a truism, but it is well elaborated in the book, “Entertaining Ourselves to Death”, by Neil Postman.

    The observation that the Internet makes us stupid and evil is merely a truism, awaiting elaboration by some future author. Not that it’s really necessary, in light of the massive empirical evidence …